Spreading Christmas Cheer – Giveaway

I mentioned last week, I would be having a give away this week. I am partnering up with the folks at What to Expect for a gigantic give away. If you have had children in the past, or plan to in the future, listen up! When I was pregnant with my teenager – I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I read and re-read every day. It was my go to book. A couple years ago when I found out I was expecting again, I went straight to Target and picked up a new copy. I was surprised to see that there were many new books in the series, including What to Expect Before You’re expecting, and What to expect the first year. These books are so easy to read, and so informative. whattoexpect-1.com-122

So….Here’s the details. You will get TWO packages. One from me – One from What to Expect. These packages will include ALL THREE books mentioned above from the What to Expect series, and also, from LylahG – a festive newborn size holly berry hat. Holly_2


Wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for an expectant mom, or maybe keep it for yourself. So, if you would like to enter, leave a comment below. If you want to up your chances, you can get an additional entry if you like my Facebook page, AND another if you follow me on Instagram. (jkearns)

I will select a random commenter to receive these wonderful gifts next THURSDAY, December 13. Good luck!

Christmas 2012

Original title, eh? Things have finally cooled off in Atlanta, and the pink pig has made her appearance at Lenox Square. The hustle and bustle of holiday shows are behind me, and I am ready to drink in the magic of Christmas. Although, I have actually been in the Christmas spirit since September when I started building inventory for the season – but who’s counting?

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful around here. For the second year in a row, I bought the entire meal from Fresh Market. I feel a tad guilty about this, but with the Indie Craft Experience the weekend before, who has time to go grocery shopping? Or plan a meal?

As our Thanksgiving holiday tradition goes, Big Red always comes out the day after.the weekend after. Sadly, I think this may be the last year for big red. I have never been into the artificial type, but my husband, who’s job is lights, swears by the “I’m already lit, just fold my branches” type. I’m much more of the “clog your vacuum with needles, but enjoy the smell” bunch. So this year, I almost had him in the car and ready to go over the river and through the woods, and I backed out at the last minute. So, Big Red, you made it in one more year!

Lylah was really digging the decorating part, in fact, she is still arranging and rearranging ornaments every morning. Sigh, so much for the perfectly decorated tree!

At first, she liked the tree bag more than the tree…

As you can see, Cassi is clearly ecstatic about what we find in the giant tupperware tubs.

I am excited to announce that I am teaming up with the folks over at What to Expect for an exciting give away! Because, hey, what’s Christmas without a gift? Stay tuned next week for all the details – but I can one thing – it’s gonna be really good.


It’s that time of year again

Ahhhh summer, whoever coined the term “the lazy days of summer” had it all wrong!  It seems like every year, as soon as May hits, we start traveling at warp speed.  We started our summer of right this year, with a trip to the beach. 


This always serves as great inspiration for me, and I have been think a lot lately about my business, and how I will grow it in the next year.  I am excited for some new changes, and if you frequent my etsy shop, you will see I have put it on “pause” so that I can change some things up. 

Today I am getting ready for my last “spring” show – Indie Craft Experience, and after this weekend I will be taking a staycation, and then working hard on building inventory for fall.  I will also be starting Lylah’s fall sweater.  I’ve decided that I will make her one every summer for the following fall – which she can then keep as keepsakes for her children. I ordered some luscious yarn yesterday, and can’t wait to show y’all some progress! 

If you are in Atlanta, come on over to the show, every year the line up keeps getting better and better, and I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of artists. 

For now, have a great weekend! 



Hello there!

Things have been happily trucking along around here. The summer market/festival season is in full swing, and I have added a ton of new things to my line! I am so excited to get my Etsy store updated, it’s coming soon! Once again, I will be participating in The Indie Craft Experience in June. As always, there is an incredible line up, and this year they are adding an art swap! What an awesome idea. I am hoping to have a little extra space in my car to throw a couple pieces in to swap.

I’ll be back later for a give away and some photos of my new items that will be available at The Beehive. If you are looking for a fun summer camp for your little one, check out The Beehive’s site – I will be teaching Crochet 101, and there are some others that will surely get your kiddo hooked on crafting! And if you want something satisfy your creative palate, there are also grown up classes! Check out the listing here.


It’s pretty bad when it’s January 12, and the front page of your blog still reads Merry Christmas. I guess that’s a testament of how busy I have been, right? Ha! I am technically busy, however, I have been using the past three weeks to just relax, and spend some quality time with Lylah. I have been loosely plotting my spring line for LylahG, and SLOWLY starting to implement it. For some reason, in my head, I thought I would get a little vacation after Christmas to recoup, but in retail world it’s SPRING, so now I’m changing directions for the new season.

I’m not really one to make resolutions, but this year, I decided that I would make one that I could keep. I have been taking one photo a day, (on my phone), editing it in Instagram, and plan to make a book on Blurb next year. Oh yea, and also all typical stuff like being more organized, etc. blah blah. I’m sure I’ll probably be gung ho in the beginning and then taper off….oh about February.

I’ve been slowly trying to re-decorate our breakfast nook into a play space. I had big plans for it come January (this month) and it looks like my plans have changed slightly. Instead of a couple lounge chairs I had in mind (for sipping coffee while baby plays) I am now the proud owner of some new piece for our dis-functional air conditioner. It’s a bummer, when you have to buy something to uninspiring instead of something…. functional fun! I am trying to get a photo wall done for the space as well, but meanwhile we have been enjoying the furniture free, still has the breakfast nook light fixture space. Last night we had an impromptu family night. Tyler drew with Lylah at her new easel, while she took turns drawing, and running from brother to mommy to daddy. It was the kind of thing that doesn’t happen very often (with a teenager) but man, was I drinking it up! (and thankful while it lasted) Oh- and snapping away on my phone because that’s all I had. Tyler doesn’t let me get too many photos of him, so when the opportunity arose, I took full advantage.

DrawingFamily nightTackle daddy!Tickle!Family night

I have a little one trying to help me type here, so I guess I’m out – Have a great night and I’ll be back soon!


Lylah has not been napping well! I don’t know what happens in her sleep cycle. It seems I have a month of good naps, then a month of bad naps. And of course, this comes at a time when I seem extremely busy! I went to Michaels yesterday looking for something, and I came out with this – IMG_7277

Now – I usually do not buy my yarn from Michaels. I am not a huge fan of acrylic fibers, and the color selection always seems to be just a tiny bit off. But, that being said – bulky yarns are generally pretty expensive to acquire, and when I saw this yarn, I had to pick it up. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. This is what came out of it – IMG_7281

I am so excited to see this on a baby – I just love the colors, and the chunkiness of the yarn. And to my surprise, it knitted up like a dream. I will be sending it off today, along with a few other items to tiny tush photography.


Last week at Gymboree, while practicing a “walking” exercise, my darling daughter had no clue to put one foot in front of the other. And really, I am ok with that. There is some whacky idea I have in my head that if she isn’t walking, then she is still a baby, and not a “toddler.” I am excited for her to be a toddler, but I guess I am just hanging on to that last bit of babyhood. Well, just like that, after a weekend with Daddy, somebody knows to move her feet – and sister isn’t slowing down. It is just days now, she will be walking all over. It started with Daddy’s hands, and then I grabbed her shopping cart and put her hands on it, and away she goes! I am continued to be amazed at the learning process of a baby. It seems like they just pick stuff up overnight. She was so proud of herself, and even big brother (who is usually too cool for school) is cheering her on! I will say, the one thing that is appealing to me about walking is that she will be able to wear dresses without getting her leg caught up in them.

IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7271


Tomorrow is the fall fest at the Atlanta History Center. I am finishing up some last minute preparations today. I am really excited about this sale – not really sure what to expect. I will be bringing a set of fruit/veggie hats. I would love to see these on a roomful of babies. If only I could get mine to hold still. IMG_7184 IMG_7182
Aren’t they just the cutest?

Tonight I will be finishing up making some price tags, and dreaming about how I’m going to set my booth up tomorrow. Yea, I know, I’m pretty last minute. I’m an artist, what can I say.

Today marked the first consignment sale of the season for me. It came at the right time because Lylah Grace is out of clothes. I discovered the wonder of consignment sales last year, and I am so excited to treasure hunt this year! I only found a couple things today, but I was so excited to pick this up: IMG_7171

And the best part? It’s Elmo-less! Elmo is not a favorite in the Kearns’ household! Definitely prefer vintage Sesame – when Elmo was a minor character. The toy is a hit – just as I remember it.

Izzy was not amused.

Looking forward to a fun weekend!

beach babies

We just got back from a very relaxing beach trip. It was so nice to just soak in my family, and really just take everything in. I was planning on bringing some projects to work on, but on a last minute whim (maybe based on a teensy bit of laziness) I decided not to bring anything. It gave me the opportunity to be in the moment, and I’m glad I did. Tyler found a skate park (big surprise!) and had a blast surfing the waves with his body. His long curly locks and tan skin made him fit in just perfectly at the beach.

Lylah crawled all over me, Daddy, and anything else that got in her way. She had a hard time sleeping at night, just because she knew we were continuing the party while she slept. So, we scrapped the schedule, and just let the tide guide us. Of course today I am paying for it. She enjoyed picking shells out of the sand the most, and also dipping her pretzel sticks in the sand to give it some extra crunch! She was so excited, just point point pointing at everything. I love this. We are already anticipating our return next summer. mmm sand

In crafting news, I am looking forward to participating in the Atlanta History Center‘s Fall Folklife Festival. I will be bringing some adorable new hats, and basking in all of Autumn’s glory. (and 82 degree temps!) Today is gray and gloomy, and it’s making me ready to move on to the next season. Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I’m looking forward to the week ahead. AHC-fallfolklifefestival2

adjusting my attitude

It all started with this:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just loved the thought of being a koala mommy, and keeping my little girl right close to me. It was so great – she fit in there so well, so snuggled up to my chest. Little did I know there is a parenting technique that embraces this – “attachment parenting”

I am in no way an expert in attachment parenting – I didn’t even know it was a “thing” until I started Google-ing. It seemed that a lot of the things Chris and I were doing fell into this category. From the first night in the hospital Lylah didn’t care for the hard plastic bassinet they put her in. She wasn’t too keen on swaddling, so that didn’t help. After one night of getting up with her every hour, the second night in the hospital out of desperation, I fell asleep with her in bed with me. And we haven’t gone back. Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I kept hearing voices in my head telling me what I was doing was wrong – but the only way I could get any sleep at all was to stick that little heat ball in bed with us.

Like I said, I didn’t – and still probably don’t – know all the ins and outs of Attachment parenting. I do know Dr. Sears pretty well. He seems to have become a 5th family member in our house. We talk about him like he’s moved in. Every time I’m frustrated about lack of sleep or something similar – I always know what Dr. Sears will say. “Let the baby guide you,” or “What’s the big deal? Adjust your attitude.” So here I am, admitting (like it’s some horrible thing) that my one year old does not sleep through the night. In fact, I’m pretty sure she won’t be sleeping through the night until she is 16. That is also when she’ll be totally weened.

Last night was a good night – Lylah only got up 4 times to nurse. And really, we have it down to a “T.” Neither of us really wake up that much. For some reason, I have a hard time telling people about this. Why? Why does it make me a bad mom if my baby is still night nursing? I don’t understand why mom’s are so hard on each other. What this journey has taught me is first of, “never say never,” and second off – people have to do what’s right for their family!

Don’t get me wrong, some nights I am sick of being used as a paci, and some mornings (ok almost every morning) I grumble about how little sleep I got. But in my heart, I know this moment is fleeting, and some day I will be trying to remember what it was like to nurse, or how I felt gazing into Lylah’s eyes as she tries her hardest to keep them open. So what’s a little sleep deprivation? I am going to try and not complain about this anymore – consider my attitude adjusted. Dr. Sears would be proud.