Lots of exciting thing happening around here.  I am busy as a bee getting ready for summer shows, and I am so excited to be rolling out new products as well!  Here is my new boys bonnet, available in my shop.  The fabric I found for this is to die for.  It is a linen, and colors are even sweeter in person.

jack bonnet

On the needles…

This means I am working ahead towards Fall/Winter bonnets. Seems odd when it’s 80 degrees out, with fall off in the long distance. We haven’t even hit the pool yet, but I am ready for fall. Summer is great, but there is nothing better than a cool crisp fall day! Until then, I’ll be knitting away.


Fall is here!

This blog is pretty much reading like my 8th grade diary. Or any other journal I’ve ever had. I write write write in the beginning and then nothing. So- welcome to my world. :) I am really feeling facebook and instagram (look for jkearns) lately so if you wanna hear what I’m up to, those are probably the best places to catch me.

I love fall. It’s probably the best season ever, according to me, and this fall is not disappointing. The leaves haven’t even changed, and I keep building up inventory, only to have it depleted in one weekend. This weekend will be no different. If you are in Atlanta, come check out The Riverview Landing Fall Festival. I have to admit, before they contacted me about vending I had never heard of this event – I was missing out! I am so excited, I am making Tyler come help me in my booth so that I can have some time to walk around and check things out. So come buy a hat from an enthusiastic 10th grader who will be doing his best to hold a conversation. Uhhh…yea…uhhh….yea….you know how it goes.

Also, once again this year I will be a vendor at the Holiday ICE show. It’s the best place to start checking off your Christmas list. And if you have never given a handmade, one of a kind, gift to someone, I dare you. If you LOVE giving other people gifts like me, the look on someone’s face when you give them the perfect, thoughtful gift is the BEST gift to get!

Have plans that weekend? Oh – you can get one of a kind, awesome gifts from some of the same vendors at the POP UP SHOP, happening at Criminal Records for basically the entire month of December and a little of November. I will also have super inventory stocked up at The Beehive, and also at Young Blood Gallery, so listen, there is NO EXCUSE if your little one’s head gets cold. Seriously – look at this.

…And if you don’t want a little piggy on the head, how about some hand knits covering up some little piggys on the feet?

Ok, that’s it. See you in 3 months for another post!

Hello there!

Things have been happily trucking along around here. The summer market/festival season is in full swing, and I have added a ton of new things to my line! I am so excited to get my Etsy store updated, it’s coming soon! Once again, I will be participating in The Indie Craft Experience in June. As always, there is an incredible line up, and this year they are adding an art swap! What an awesome idea. I am hoping to have a little extra space in my car to throw a couple pieces in to swap.

I’ll be back later for a give away and some photos of my new items that will be available at The Beehive. If you are looking for a fun summer camp for your little one, check out The Beehive’s site – I will be teaching Crochet 101, and there are some others that will surely get your kiddo hooked on crafting! And if you want something satisfy your creative palate, there are also grown up classes! Check out the listing here.

Baby it’s cold outside


As usual, what a crazy couple weeks it has been! Things are starting to feel a little wintery here in Hotlanta, which turns out, is great for selling baby hats! I have been a wee bit busy getting gifts ready, taking my mother in law to doctor appointments, filling orders and keeping things stocked.

The other day I was able to snag some time to walk down to the Flying Biscuit with my dear neighbor friend sanity saver to get some coffee and creamy dreamy grits. I was so happy Lylah kept her hat on the entire time, and even hammed it up for the camera.

I do love this season, and as much as I miss the warm weather, I am finding warmth in other places. Like a fireplace, mulled cider, oh and our screaming red Christmas tree. As you can see, except for a few non-breakable things, the tree is decorated from the middle up.


Oh, and my beloved village is up, complete with the gumdrop tree. It’s becoming a tradition in the morning with Lylah to turn the tree and village on. She loves it almost as much as me.


I am so excited to start new Christmas traditions with her. What are some of yours?

Indie Craft Experience

Just a quick post to say what a great day yesterday was! My mom is here and we worked all night and this morning to replace inventory. If you are in Atlanta, stop by ambient plus studio for the last day of ice, the vendors are phenomenal! Get a start on holiday shopping!

Here’s the LylahG booth as seen through my iPhone. More photos to come soon!


The sky is falling

Looking back at my day today, I guess it was pretty busy. After Lylah woke up from her morning nap we took off to get Daddy a birthday present, and to hit the grocery store. While we were at the store, my friend called for a picnic date. It was the perfect day for it, so we finished up at the store and headed back home to hit the park. I brought my camera thinking I could snap some great shots of our perfect babies, eating in our perfect park, on a perfect fall day. Well, one out of three of those things are true.

Upon coming up to the park, we had to dodge raining acorns from the trees above. As we sat down, our vision of babies happily crawling around the grass while we laugh and eat a leisurely lunch came crashing into reality. Babies trying to dump every tupperware possible, teething snot, smooshed peanut butter sandwiches, and a cheese thief, is what our lunch consisted of. We ended up just giving up and getting those girls in the swings.

When we got home, I finished up a hat I started yesterday. I’ve made quite a few of these owl hats. I’ve modified several patterns that I’ve seen to make them quick.

I tried it on Lylah – with the hopes my new lightening fast camera lense would actually capture the girl with a hat on – without the photo being blurry. You know the drill.

Uh, no way mom. Not unless I put it on.


I am currently in the middle of a bonnet for winter for her because I have no idea how something is going to stay on her head without a tie.

I am planning to have lots of these available at the Indie Craft Experience, and also at theBeehive. Cheers!

PS I am aware I need to take a class on arranging photos on wordpress. I am hoping to hire a fancy pants designer that actually knows what they are doing. Soon.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

I can’t believe how busy I am lately. Lylah is certainly keeping me on my toes. Nights have been extremely restless, and she has been nursing a ton. I chalked it up to the fact that she has been toying with the idea of walking, and took a few steps this week. This morning I saw she is getting an eye tooth as well. Poor baby – double whammy.

I have gotten some adorable shots from a couple photographer friends, which always serves as inspiration to keep going! I will be getting my table set up at the Beehive on Tuesday, and I’m so excited for that. When things start coming together, it always seems to help me feel that I actually AM getting things done, even though it may not feel like it. I am looking forward to enjoying some fall weather this weekend, and will be putting out our Halloween decorations. Oh, and I will be continuing my fight with Google Analytics – I really need a blog tutor! Here are some of the photos – these make me want another teeny tiny…

These are from a new friend, Tiny Tush Photography. Seriously, how talented is Dana? I had some newborn shots done of Lylah, and believe me, it takes a lot of patients! Check out these great shots!

I am planning to add some new patterns to my site soon, so stay tuned! And thanks again for everyone participating in my giveaway. Have a great weekend!


Lylah has not been napping well! I don’t know what happens in her sleep cycle. It seems I have a month of good naps, then a month of bad naps. And of course, this comes at a time when I seem extremely busy! I went to Michaels yesterday looking for something, and I came out with this – IMG_7277

Now – I usually do not buy my yarn from Michaels. I am not a huge fan of acrylic fibers, and the color selection always seems to be just a tiny bit off. But, that being said – bulky yarns are generally pretty expensive to acquire, and when I saw this yarn, I had to pick it up. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. This is what came out of it – IMG_7281

I am so excited to see this on a baby – I just love the colors, and the chunkiness of the yarn. And to my surprise, it knitted up like a dream. I will be sending it off today, along with a few other items to tiny tush photography.


Last week at Gymboree, while practicing a “walking” exercise, my darling daughter had no clue to put one foot in front of the other. And really, I am ok with that. There is some whacky idea I have in my head that if she isn’t walking, then she is still a baby, and not a “toddler.” I am excited for her to be a toddler, but I guess I am just hanging on to that last bit of babyhood. Well, just like that, after a weekend with Daddy, somebody knows to move her feet – and sister isn’t slowing down. It is just days now, she will be walking all over. It started with Daddy’s hands, and then I grabbed her shopping cart and put her hands on it, and away she goes! I am continued to be amazed at the learning process of a baby. It seems like they just pick stuff up overnight. She was so proud of herself, and even big brother (who is usually too cool for school) is cheering her on! I will say, the one thing that is appealing to me about walking is that she will be able to wear dresses without getting her leg caught up in them.

IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7271