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Hey Y’all!

If you are in Atlanta check out the Yelp Stylin Shindig at the King Plow Arts Center this weekend.  Free Food.  Free Drinks.  Music.  And a new section – boutiques selling wares at warehouse prices.  I just dropped off several pieces at The Beehive. And there will be many other cool things there.  Check it out if you can – it will be a great event!


Give away – hooray!

Well, what can I say? It’s been a pretty exciting week! It started Sunday evening when I got accepted into the Holiday Shopping spectacular by Indie Craft Experience. The show this past spring was amazing, so I am excited to be doing it again. Plus – I have some BIG ideas for adorable Christmas hats.

Speaking of new hats, I just posted a TON in my shop. I am feeling partial to my fall harvest collection, I tried a few on Lylah but didn’t get any photos because sister does NOT HOLD STILL. Somehow I got her legs to hold still to model these new leg warmers I also posted. IMG_7455

Nevermind the wet diaper. :) I think I vetoed this shot for my store, but I just love the curled toesies here, so I had to put it somewhere!

In other news, I am elated to announce that starting in October, I will be selling my wears at The Beehive. I have been such a fan of this store forever, it is so close to my home. I have perused and purchased several things, and it is definitely an honor for me to be part of the incredible design team that shows there. So, if you live in Atlanta, come check it out. It is the perfect spot for one of a kind, beautiful gifts – for someone else or yourself!

And finally…..DRUMROLL please….because of all this exciting goodness that is happening to me, I want to spread it to YOU! I am having a GIVEAWAY, and here are the details and how to participate:

Step 1: Fan the LylahG facebook page.
Step 2: Come back here, subscribe to my blog.
Step 3: Leave a comment on this post, telling me you have completed the first two steps, and which fall harvest hat you would like from the shop.

I will use to select one lucky commenter to receive one of my hats from the fall harvest line in my shop – one week from tonight. That’s right – you could have a baby heirloom tomato, a baby pumpkin, a baby eggplant…you get the idea. I’ll provide the hat, you provide the baby. Here’s a couple photos to tempt you…

And for those of you who can’t wait to find out if you are a winner – 20% off in my shop. Use the code Blog20 when you checkout!

Happy Tuesday!


Lylah has not been napping well! I don’t know what happens in her sleep cycle. It seems I have a month of good naps, then a month of bad naps. And of course, this comes at a time when I seem extremely busy! I went to Michaels yesterday looking for something, and I came out with this – IMG_7277

Now – I usually do not buy my yarn from Michaels. I am not a huge fan of acrylic fibers, and the color selection always seems to be just a tiny bit off. But, that being said – bulky yarns are generally pretty expensive to acquire, and when I saw this yarn, I had to pick it up. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. This is what came out of it – IMG_7281

I am so excited to see this on a baby – I just love the colors, and the chunkiness of the yarn. And to my surprise, it knitted up like a dream. I will be sending it off today, along with a few other items to tiny tush photography.


Last week at Gymboree, while practicing a “walking” exercise, my darling daughter had no clue to put one foot in front of the other. And really, I am ok with that. There is some whacky idea I have in my head that if she isn’t walking, then she is still a baby, and not a “toddler.” I am excited for her to be a toddler, but I guess I am just hanging on to that last bit of babyhood. Well, just like that, after a weekend with Daddy, somebody knows to move her feet – and sister isn’t slowing down. It is just days now, she will be walking all over. It started with Daddy’s hands, and then I grabbed her shopping cart and put her hands on it, and away she goes! I am continued to be amazed at the learning process of a baby. It seems like they just pick stuff up overnight. She was so proud of herself, and even big brother (who is usually too cool for school) is cheering her on! I will say, the one thing that is appealing to me about walking is that she will be able to wear dresses without getting her leg caught up in them.

IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7271

When I can breathe…

I have all kinds of fun stories to tell. Stories of a baby starting to cruise on her own, stories of a 14 year old not taking my advice, stories of not getting done what I want… but for now – my friend Kim is having a link party on her blog! Go post your link and let’s stir up some fun!


Had a BLAST today at the Atlanta History Center. I think the best part of shows is meeting different vendors and being re-inspired. It’s so refreshing. I’ll do a recap later, but for now, here is a photo of miss lylahg and her namesake booth!

adjusting my attitude

It all started with this:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just loved the thought of being a koala mommy, and keeping my little girl right close to me. It was so great – she fit in there so well, so snuggled up to my chest. Little did I know there is a parenting technique that embraces this – “attachment parenting”

I am in no way an expert in attachment parenting – I didn’t even know it was a “thing” until I started Google-ing. It seemed that a lot of the things Chris and I were doing fell into this category. From the first night in the hospital Lylah didn’t care for the hard plastic bassinet they put her in. She wasn’t too keen on swaddling, so that didn’t help. After one night of getting up with her every hour, the second night in the hospital out of desperation, I fell asleep with her in bed with me. And we haven’t gone back. Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I kept hearing voices in my head telling me what I was doing was wrong – but the only way I could get any sleep at all was to stick that little heat ball in bed with us.

Like I said, I didn’t – and still probably don’t – know all the ins and outs of Attachment parenting. I do know Dr. Sears pretty well. He seems to have become a 5th family member in our house. We talk about him like he’s moved in. Every time I’m frustrated about lack of sleep or something similar – I always know what Dr. Sears will say. “Let the baby guide you,” or “What’s the big deal? Adjust your attitude.” So here I am, admitting (like it’s some horrible thing) that my one year old does not sleep through the night. In fact, I’m pretty sure she won’t be sleeping through the night until she is 16. That is also when she’ll be totally weened.

Last night was a good night – Lylah only got up 4 times to nurse. And really, we have it down to a “T.” Neither of us really wake up that much. For some reason, I have a hard time telling people about this. Why? Why does it make me a bad mom if my baby is still night nursing? I don’t understand why mom’s are so hard on each other. What this journey has taught me is first of, “never say never,” and second off – people have to do what’s right for their family!

Don’t get me wrong, some nights I am sick of being used as a paci, and some mornings (ok almost every morning) I grumble about how little sleep I got. But in my heart, I know this moment is fleeting, and some day I will be trying to remember what it was like to nurse, or how I felt gazing into Lylah’s eyes as she tries her hardest to keep them open. So what’s a little sleep deprivation? I am going to try and not complain about this anymore – consider my attitude adjusted. Dr. Sears would be proud.

Pumpkin Head

This is what happens when I try to get Lylah to model now:






….and the money shot? wait for it…
sigh…oh well. Will try to get better photos later. Guess I better hire some professional baby models. Happy Monday!

to do, to do, to do

First off – I am ready for fall!! Here’s the yarn in my knitting basket.IMG_6928 Ok, so it’s not a total fall color way, but if you notice – orange! I am working on some fall harvest theme hats for a show I will be in at the Atlanta History Center, September 10. It’s gonna be so much fun. I am hoping it’s not 90 million degrees out, so we can actually enjoy all of the outside festivities even more! Oh, Michigan, how I miss you right now!

On the needles: IMG_6931 Pumpkins!! Perfect for Halloween, and as soon as I get miss Lylah to sit still to model, I will have some in the shop. Come on Fall! You know you wanna…

Hoping to post more (as usual) – We are heading to the beach next week, summers last hoorah! Looking forward to a little R&R, but I will be bringing the needles, and working. Hope I don’t get too much sand in my wool! Have a great weekend!


Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged about my workload, I dig out a project that is almost finished, put the finishing touches on it and wa-lah! I get re-inspired. I’ve had this sweater finished for a while, it just needed buttons. This weekend, I finally found the perfect buttons and today I sewed them on! I am ready to start the evening (when I get my most work done) and knock out a few more hats. It feels so good to finish something!